With such a mild winter behind us, you likely have a surplus in your exterior maintenance budget. Sauers suggests that you use that to prepare now so that your spaces are safe and welcoming and ready for next winter. If your parking lot is marred by cracks, divots, and potholes, you should consider resealing, resurfacing, or repaving to discourage any further deterioration.

But what is the best choice for you?

There are several factors to consider when giving your parking lot a makeover. It’s important to inspect any damage, consider your budget, identify safety concerns, and understand the differences between ‘resealing’, ‘resurfacing’ and ‘repaving’.

Resealing Resurfacing Repaving

Quick Overview

  • Resealing: Adding a new layer of seal coat over existing lot repairs.
  • Resurfacing: Adding a new layer of asphalt atop the old lot, followed by resealing.
  • Repaving: Removing the old pavement/asphalt and adding a whole new asphalt layer, followed by sealcoating.


Resealing asphalt is the most cost-effective method of beautifying and updating your parking lot. However, success will depend on the condition of the lot’s surface. The resealing process starts with professional repair of minor issues like filling potholes and smoothing uneven surfaces. However, if your lot is riddled with significant cracks, holes, or compressions, simply resealing might not work. Just like slapping on a layer of paint on a damaged wall, this method can highlight underlying cracks, rather than hiding them.


Again, this process starts with professional repair of major and minor issues, ensuring a level surface. Once the parking lot is level and all areas requiring pre-treatment have fully cured, the team lays a new thin layer of asphalt to assure a complete, uniform surface. Then, a large heavy roller assures that the surface is flat, level, and compact, yielding a fresh asphalt finish. This leads to the best possible outcome when followed with professional sealcoating and expert line-stripping.


When your surface is severely damaged, repaving may be your only option. Repaving starts with a total demolition of the old asphalt. Then, the subsurface is prepared to assure the foundation is strong, level, and compact. The goal is to minimize future cracks and water build-ups which are a leading cause of potholes. When facing cost-prohibitive prep work to level a surface or fill cracks or fix significant damage to the subsurface, repaving is a long-lasting solution to your parking lot problems.

Clearly, each of these options have pros and cons. Sauers can help you determine which option would be best for you. Contact us now to schedule a free evaluation of your site.

Let’s Talk Snow.

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  • Disappointed by poor service from their current snow contractor
  • Worried about the chaos that snow causes in their day—every time it snows
  • Sometimes all 3!

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