Winter Emergency Response Plan: Be Prepared!

winter emergency response plan - snow plowing - sauers incEvery part of this country is subject to weather which calls for a winter emergency response plan of some type. The first and most valuable resource available to us is our ability to plan in advance. As winter approaches, our thoughts turn to the perils associated with winter storms, snow, ice and the extreme cold.

Planning is vital for your business. Sauers is the premiere snow and ice management company in the region. We service hundreds of commercial accounts annually. We offer a full line of snow and ice management services, including anti-icing, deicing, 24-hour snow plowing, zero tolerance snow management, and snow removal.

As an owner or property manager, your first step is to evaluate your property and develop a winter emergency response plan. If you don’t already have one ready, contact Sauers to help with the process.

For homeowners, a great resource for a winter emergency response plan is the site, which goes into great detail on the hazards and preparations briefly mentioned below and many, many others.

Extreme winter weather can take your life if unprepared. Having a plan of action and communication in your family or group could be the difference between living and dying. Exposure to cold can cause hypothermia, even death, after only a short time. Frostbite claims many victims each year.

Here are a few of the most important things you should do to prepare yourself for winter weather.

  • Stay inside, if possible, and dress properly for the cold if going out.
  • Stock supplies sufficient for at least 3 days.
  • Prepare your home or business for winter with weather-stripping, carbon monoxide detectors, and fire extinguishers.
  • Keep a First Aid kit on hand.
  • Keep your communication devices charged and operational.
  • Winterize vehicles.
  • Have heaters checked annually by professionals before cold weather approaches.
  • Make preparations to care for the elderly, sick, or disabled, if necessary.
  • Protect pets and livestock from the cold.
  • Fuel or charge emergency power sources.
  • Check the structural ability of your buildings to carry heavy weights of snow.
  • Keep informed via NOAA broadcasts.
  • But these are only a few of the many preparations needed for winter weather.

Contact Sauers Snow and Ice Management. Let’s help you get your business prepared for the cold and keep it operating when it’s needed.

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