Will You Be Held Responsible in a Slip and Fall Liability Case?

slip and fall liability cases - slip signage - winter risk management plan - Sauers incIf you own a business, commercial property, a housing complex, or medical facility, you need to make sure that you protect yourself against slip and fall liability cases.

There are many things that go into winning a slip and fall case. First of all, the one who is suing you is going to have to prove that you were negligent and that it was your negligence that caused them to slip or trip, fall and get injured.

There are many things that go into whether you will be considered negligent or not. Actively causing a hazard is just one end of the spectrum. If you knew about a hazard but failed to remove it or protect people from it by putting out warning signs or closing off the area, you may be considered negligent as well. You can also be considered negligent if it could have been reasonably expected of you to know about the hazard. For example, if you regularly conduct inspections of your property but failed to do so on the day a tenant, employee, patient, or customer was injured, you may be liable.

Winter Risk Management Plan

When it comes to slip and fall liability cases resulting from slippery steps and walkways during the winter, it is very likely that you would be considered negligent if you failed to clear your property from snow and ice. It’s common for ice and black ice to appear in the winter, and there are many methods to clear it away.

That’s why it’s so important that you hire a professional snow removal company to prepare a thorough winter risk management plan and to make your property safe. You can’t rely on a single employee to always do the job or to always do a sufficient job.

We have become a very litigious society and Sauers understands the importance of keeping proper documentation, including pictures of your site to share the progress of our services, but so that you can prove that you have serviced your property properly to prevent anyone from injury.

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How much would a Slip and Fall Claim cost you?

Consider the following when hiring a Snow Removal Service Provider:

  • Your legal fees to defend the case
  • Your time to appear in court
  • An ongoing workers comp claim or ongoing medical payments to the plaintiff
  • The disruption to your business and staff
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • A bad reputation at your property and in your market

The cost of doing the job safely and properly is less than the cost of an injury or accident, whether legitimate or not!

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