Why You Need a Winter Risk Management Plan

winter risk management plan - add anti-icing and deicing treatmentsSnow and ice can quickly turn any property into a slippery minefield. With an increasingly litigious industry growing out of legitimate and frivolous slip and fall claims, a winter storm may bring financial burdens beyond what it costs to merely clear roads and pavement. Here are a few reasons why it’s important to maintain a winter risk management plan.

A slip and fall claim could cost your business in a number of ways. Court appearances take significant time and require expensive legal fees. The litigation may cause disruption to customers and workers at your property. Long-term medical payouts could result from the claim, and leave your business with a bad reputation in your local market.

Sauers specializes in comprehensive risk management plans to help mitigate your risk of legal claims arising from winter storms.  We work with you to build an individualized plan tailored to your property’s unique specifications and needs.

Sauers’ winter risk management plan includes:

  • Development and Implantation of a Written Scope of Work that follows snow industry standards.
  • Development and Implantation of a Snow Response Plan to ensure your property is cleared of snow and ice quickly and efficiently.
  • Establish clear and visible Snow Caution Signage around your property.
  • Provide ISO SN9001 certified support during winter emergencies.
  • Discuss with your the importance of adding anti-icing and deicing services and treatments to your property.

The ISO SN9001 level of certification for snow contractors is the gold standard of the industry, requiring independent third-party audits of systems and documentation to ensure the highest level of preparation for winter storms. In 2016, snow removal companies with ISO SN9001 certification were twice as successful in dismissing slip and fall claims as non-certified companies.

Waiting until a serious snow and ice incident occurs may be too late. Call us today to request a proposal for your comprehensive winter risk management plan or fill out this quick contact form below.

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