Throughout your snow RFP process, are you talking with the person who will be on site and performing your snow and ice maintenance?  Unless your contractor assigns you a designated Account Manager to work with, you will have to trust that the contractor’s salesperson passed on your expectations to their crews. This can leave many spaces for communication to break down.

Of course, this may work out, but it might also leave you in the dark when there are 3:00 AM decisions needed to be made in the middle of the storm. If in-storm communications isn’t clear, do you want to become the in-storm manager of your own snow management contractor?

The Sauers solution to this communication and quality control need is found in our Account Managers. Once Sauers is secured as your contractor, our sales rep will introduce you to your own Account Manager. They will be your single point of contact throughout the entire winter weather season. From preseason to postseason and throughout every snow and ice event in between, your Sauers Account Manager will be there to make sure that your custom snow and ice response plan is executed properly.

The Sauers Account Manager is more than a foreman and not just a client rep. Our Account Managers are our client’s representative who know and execute the scope of work to their client’s expectations.

The Sauers Account Manager is the single point of contact that gives their snow and ice management continuity through the complete process. Our Account Managers give our clients the ability to sleep well throughout the winter. They are how Sauers takes the worry out of winter.

Let’s Talk Snow.

When we talk to Commercial Property Managers, we typically hear the following challenges...

  • Frustrated trying to budget/forecast snow removal expenses
  • Disappointed by poor service from their current snow contractor
  • Worried about the chaos that snow causes in their day—every time it snows
  • Sometimes all 3!

Are you experiencing any of the above challenges at your site?

Share some info with us and we’ll connect with you to schedule a 15-minute call to learn more about your needs!

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