“The first thing I do when I wake up for snow is grab my phone and check the sites.” Zach Kelley, Snow Operations Director at Sauers Snow & Ice, can’t imagine going back to working without our infrared monitoring systems installed at strategic sites across the Delaware Valley.

Sauers has used camera and weather monitoring technology for several seasons now and the access that it offers the Operations Team is unparalleled. This winter we have partnered with Frost Technologies and have their Advanced Infrared Monitoring System (AIMS) installed at several strategic locations to give us a constant and accurate status of specific regions.

The Frost AIMS system gives us high-definition photos, weather atmospherics, forecasting, and surface temperature. According to Zach Kelley the ability “to know the surface and air temps as well as the recent history of the site gives us an advantage for a quick and targeted response to what the storm is bringing.”

Two of Sauers’s core values are to be both innovative and an industry leader. We know that not every snow contractor is in the position to add this level of information gathering into their operations strategy, however, we feel that we would not be providing our clients the Sauers’s Service without it. When asked if these are a luxury or a necessity, Zach stated, “If you want to stay ahead of the storm, then they are a must. Without them, you are left having to chase it from behind.”

If you would like to know more about how we implement this technology and how it could benefit your company’s snow response plan, contact Sauers to schedule a conversation.

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  • Sometimes all 3!

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