Three Snow and Ice Safety Tips for the Upcoming Winter

The 2018 National Winter Prediction from the “Farmer’s Almanac” calls for less snowfall than usual across some of the country; however the Northeast and Midwest will be hit with a combination of snow and ice for a prolonged range of time between November and March. Sauers service area covers a large portion of the Northeast which makes snow and ice safety tips and techniques serve as important reminders for everyone.

Whether or not you like the winter months, there are a few snow and ice safety tips and precautions that should be followed once the sidewalks start icing up and the snowbanks grow.

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Top Three Snow and Ice Safety Tips to Consider:

#1- Your Heat Source: A heat source is undoubtedly important when the mercury drops however many people overlook or take for granted their dwelling’s source of heat. If you heat your home with propane or natural gas you want to be sure your tank is at least 50% full before winter kicks off. If you use wood for heat you will want to make sure that you don’t run out of logs to stoke the fire. Heat loss is also a big issue and drafty windows and doors should be repaired and/or covered with plastic, you’ll be surprised how much heat and money a sheet of plastic and a little tape will save you.

#2- Sidewalk Safety: This is really an important snow and ice safety precaution even though it should go unsaid. Sidewalks may be icy even when they don’t look like it and you should always start slow when stepping onto any sidewalk during the winter. Use railings to steady yourself when testing sidewalks. This is especially important for elderly people and children as a fall on an icy sidewalk can be devastating. When you know the sidewalks are icy, don’t be afraid to go out just take it slow. When walking around town, ice cleats may be a good idea in extreme conditions. Ice cleats are grippers that you put over your shoes or boots and they can be found at many outdoor stores in the winter months. You might look a little funny “click-clacking” your way down Main Street but you’ll be safe!  If your business is serviced by Sauers, we’ll take care of all of the ice prevention and deicing applications so you won’t have to worry about it.

#3- Don’t Forget How to Drive: This is probably the biggest snow and ice safety issue that comes to mind especially when winter just gets underway. As soon as there is any amount of snow or ice on the roads there usually ends up being a large amount of car accidents. Speed is usually the determining factor as people just forget to slow down after months of using nice, dry roads. So just take it slow and enjoy the snowflakes hitting your windshield. Don’t underestimate the conditions and you will be safe on the road this winter.

There are many other snow and ice safety precautions that should be considered for the 2018 winter but don’t let them stop you from enjoying the bright, white wonderland that is sure to come in just a few short months.

Throughout the season, Sauers will continue to provide you with snow and ice safety tips for both business and home use. Develop a plan now and you’ll enjoy a safe winter season.

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