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Why Work with Sauers?

“Sauers is a breeze to work with.
Even if there’s a problem they get right back to you.”
~Rob K.

“Working with Sauers takes the headaches out of snow and ice management and alleviates them. It’s a no fuss way to go.”
~Jason P.

“Sauers communication throughout the season was impeccable,
refreshing to work with someone you know is going to return your calls.”
~Joe C.

“You guys are very professional and prompt on getting invoices paid.
Keep up the great work. Great company to work for.
SAUERS is awesome!” ~Rob T.

“I liked not having
to do invoicing this season”
~Joe C.

“I’m happy working with Sauers because
they assist me in advancing in the commercial snow industry.”
~Justin S.

“You guys are on top of the billing within a week of the storm.
Never had a billing issue.”
~Rob K.

“You guys rock! Thanks for all the opportunities and
here’s to many more great years”
~Tony K.

“Love doing business with Sauers.
I recommend your company to everyone.
Thanks for having my back every year.”~Rob T.

“Any time I have a question or problem
they are answered right away.”
~Ed K.

~Gary R.

“I am happy working with Sauers because they are so organized and take snow and ice management very seriously. I may be eliminating some of my companies snow work to free up another truck for Sauers.”~Justin S.

“It’s hard to find people that love snow, and want to do it and have that kind of passion for it.I found that with Sauers, and I feel like that’s what makes our relationship so great.”~Pete F.

“As a relative newbie to snow operations and completely new to doing snow for Sauers I was very happy with the season. Very good communication.”~Jason P.

“You guys are very professional and prompt on getting invoices paid.
Keep up the great work. Great company to work for.
SAUERS is awesome!” ~Rob T.

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Dedicated Support

Sauers is committed to round-the-clock support for you and your crew. We’ll provide you with a trained account manager to assist you before, during and after every snow event. We’re there when you call!

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Educated Staff

We’ve been in snow and ice management for over 18 years. Our educated staff is made up of Certified Snow Professionals and ASCA-C’s – plus we’re one of only 28 companies in North America with ISO certification.

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Route Density

No one likes plowing far from home. That’s why our team works tirelessly to design routes that allow your crew to maintain as local a presence as possible. Average travel distance to your sites would be 5 to 10 miles.

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Scope of Work

At Sauers we pride ourselves on our contract writing. We spend all year developing clear and concise Scopes of Work for every one of our properties. Our goal is to take the guess work out of plowing!

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Tech & Invoicing

We helped design the industry’s most up-to-date mobile resource management tool. It ensures your team will follow best practices for documentation. Use our app to expedite your payment schedule (30 day payments)!

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Team Mentality

Snow and ice maintenance is hard work and we believe the best way to get it done is with the right team. You work in conditions most people try to avoid, so you’ll love knowing that you’re not alone out there.

Add more snow routes and grow your business this Winter. Join the Sauers team!

Sauers is the region’s premier snow removal company.

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We look forward to having you on the Sauers team!