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Snow Disposal

Since 1999, Sauers provides efficient and experienced snow disposal services.

There are three main snow disposal options:

  • Snow Relocation
  • Snow Hauling
  • Snow Melting

Finding a place to dispose of collected snow may pose a challenge, but Sauers operations team work tirelessly year round to ensure all measures are in place to properly service your needs and protect the local environment. While we are all aware of the threats to public safety caused by snow, collected snow that is contaminated with road salt, sand, litter, and automotive pollutants such as oil also threatens public health and the environment.

In the event of a large-scale severe weather event, Sauers relationship with municipalities allows us greater flexibility in snow disposal practices.  In the event of severe winter storm emergencies, we will communicate effectively with our snow plow fleet and address any changes to the snow disposal site maps created during our pre-season snow response plan.

With Sauers, you can rest assured that we will take care of your snow disposal needs. Get back to work, take care of your patients, and safely care for your residents with Sauers Snow Disposal Services.

Contact us to discuss your snow plowing and disposal service needs.

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