Plan For a Safe Winter on the Roads – Snow and Ice Safety Tips

snow and ice safety; snow removal winterWinter snowstorms leave behind a sparkling white blanket of snow. Under the beauty of nature, lie your roads and driveways, which we make it our mission to clear for businesses in the region. However, snow and ice still makes travel more dangerous, no matter how many times the snow plow comes through. Make it your mission to keep you and your loved ones safe on the roads this winter. Here are three effective snow and ice safety tips everyone can use:

  1. Prepare your car. Get your vehicle checked out, and make sure any worn or broken parts get fixed. Replace worn tires with new ones. Does your battery have enough voltage to start the car in cold conditions? Replace worn windshield wipers, and ensure there is plenty of windshield wiper fluid. Test your window defrosters.
  2. Keep some winter emergency items in your car, such as a blanket, an extra pair of boots, socks, hat, and gloves, a working flashlight, jumper cables, sand or cat litter for traction, and if it fits, a small shovel. Always keep a snow brush and ice scraper in your car during the winter months. Carry a cell phone to call for help if you get in an accident. And just in case, buy an extra cell phone charger and car port plug-in and keep it in your glovebox. You don’t want to get stuck with a cell phone that’s dead.
  3. Check the weather before going out. When possible, don’t drive when severe winter weather threatens your area. When driving is necessary, be sure your car is clear of snow and ice, including headlights and tail lights. Then, take it slow! Don’t drive like you do in good weather. Be extra cautious, and give yourself plenty of room to stop. Also take off as much off the roof of your car as possible – as snow and ice could pose a danger onto the traffic behind you once it starts to fly off your car.

Once your vehicle is winter-ready, and you know what kind of winter weather is coming, venture onto the roads with a cautious, defensive mindset. Pay attention to the roads and the traffic around you! Your alertness and preparedness could mean the difference between an accident and a safe trip.

Sauers is the Mid-Atlantic region’s premier snow removal company. We service commercial and industrial customers with comprehensive snow and ice management.  We hope these simple snow and ice safety tips help you in your travels this winter!

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