Why Your Medical Facility Should Set Up a Commercial Snow Response Plan

commercial snow response planAs the cooler weather makes it way to your town, you know that snow is right on its trail. With the unpredictability of weather, it’s never too soon to set up your commercial snow response plan for your medical facility. Preparing is important for the health of your business.

Here are 3 reasons to update your commercial snow response plan today.

Your Patients

Since you run a medical facility, many potentially ill people will be visiting your office. That means they may be more likely to fall or struggle making it into your facility. Often times, the elderly seek medical assistance on a more regular basis. This demographic of people will appreciate seeing cleared parking lots and sidewalks. Your patient’s happiness is important to your continued growth.

Your Reputation

Every business has a brand image. People will associate your office with the values you hold forth. When your patients always see the care that goes into keeping your sidewalks and parking lots clear for their use, they will look to you as a reputable place. If snow was several inches thick as they tried to come in the door or their car swerved in the parking lot due to lack of snow removal, then they would have a negative view of your establishment.

Your Peace of Mind

When you have a commercial snow response plan in place, you have peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that the likelihood of anyone slipping on snow or ice into your office will drastically be reduced. This helps diminish slip and fall claims and injury lawsuits.

Plus, the ability to use innovative software to track your medical facility’s progress will help you address your staff’s shift requirements. You’ll be able to communicate your expectations and keep your schedule moving along as your patient’s expect.

As winter approaches, contact Sauers and we will help set up your commercial snow response plan today!

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