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Sauers Process 

As the region’s premier snow and ice management company, Sauers’ processes are documented and ISO/SN9001 Certified.  

Your Snow Response Plan will be prepared with the options best suited for your business.

Sauers Three Event Process:

  1. Pre-Event
    • Snow Technology Software
    • Prediction & Preparation
    • Anti-Icing Application
  2. During Snow & Ice Events
    • Trigger Depth
    • Plowing
    • Shoveling
    • Snow Placement
    • Snow Disposal
    • Deicing
  3. Post Event
    1. Site Monitoring
    2. Post Storm Clean Up
    3. Quality Control Evaluation

You’ll be assigned a Sauers Account Manager who will manage every snow and ice event during our engagement. We’re more than just a snow and ice management company, we are another integral piece of your operations and risk management team.

Choose Sauers for your snow and ice management. Contact us to learn more about the Sauers’ Process.

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