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Risk Management Plan 

Even though Sauers’ primary focus is snow and ice management, we know the importance of an effective winter risk management plan.

The snow and ice management industry has become extremely litigious due to frivolous slip and fall claims looking for a quick payout from insurance companies that cover your property.

Sauers develops a comprehensive Risk Management Plan for your property.  

Here are a few of the ways that we manage your risk:

  • Develop and Follow a Written Scope of Work, following Snow Industry Standards
  • Develop and Follow a Snow Response Plan
  • Provide Snow Caution Signage at your Site
  • Utilize the latest and proper equipment to perform the work safely and efficiently
  • ISO SN9001 Certified to be held accountable for a high standard of operations
  • Well-staffed team that provides excellent communication and supervision

Plus, many more ways we can share with you during our evaluation. Let us know what you need from Sauers to support your risk management plan and we’ll be sure to include this information in our proposal.

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How much would a Slip and Fall Claim cost you?

We often recommend you ask yourself this question when hiring a Snow Contractor.  Consider the following:

  • Your legal fees to defend the case
  • Your time to appear in court
  • An ongoing workers comp claim or ongoing medical payments to the plaintiff
  • The disruption to your business and staff
  • Increased insurance premiums
  • A bad reputation at your property and in your market

The cost of doing the job safely and properly is less than the cost of an injury or accident, whether legitimate or not!

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