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Ongoing Training

Snow and ice safety is paramount at Sauers – not only for our clients, but for our client’s customers, employees, patients, and residents.  Some of the ways we promote a safe business environment include:

  • Snow Operations Safety review in a mandatory Pre-Season Snow Meeting
  • Equipment & Jobsite review and training before snow season begins
  • Reflective vests / jackets and gloves to our team
  • Vehicle and Equipment Inspections
  • Sidewalk equipment with enclosed cabs
  • Rotating shifts to ensure our team’s safety and efficient snow and ice removal
  • Communication with a dedicated Spotter to observe traffic and pedestrians

We go through extensive year-round training to ensure we’re current on snow and ice safety.  

Explore our Training Schedule:

  • April-August:  Sauers Management and Staff participate in industry events such as SIMA Snow & Ice Symposium; ASCA Executive Summit; and Snow and Ice Safety Seminars
  • August – September:  Snow & Ice Management Contract and Proposal Evaluations
  • October – November:  Mandatory Pre-Season Site Visit with Sauers Account Manager & Crew
  • December – March:  Ongoing Safety and Process Management Review with our Staff and Crews

Contact Sauers to learn more about our extensive snow and ice safety training and how it will directly benefit your business during a winter snow event.

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