The Latest in Snow Removal Technology

snow removal technologyMan has been battling Mother Nature since history began. Despite this, we still face the issue of snow removal every winter. With the snowy season quickly approaching, it’s important to be prepared with the latest in snow removal technology. Winter is unpredictable, and it’s often difficult to estimate how much snow will fall during a storm. Whether you’re expecting two inches or two feet, though, you don’t always need to rely on just a snow scraper and shovel.

Snow and ice removal is a $2 billion industry, and there is even a yearly symposium dedicated to the subject. You can bet there are innovations driving the industry. Many snow removal businesses are utilizing technology like apps to help satisfy their clients. Snow removal technology can let a client notify their snow removal team of their need, sign off on the service once it’s received, and even be able to properly invoice for the service all in one place.

In addition to digital technology, new tools are being developed as well. The old standby, road salt, can be expensive and it leaves behind a mess. Many towns are turning to alternatives like brine and even anti-icing treatments to more effectively prepare and deice the roads. For those who don’t feel like braving the cold, the Sauers snow removal team will provide all of your commercial property snow removal needs.

As winter weather becomes the norm, it’s time to examine your snow removal needs for the season. At Sauers, we utilize the latest snow removal technology to make sure your driveway, parking lot, and walkways are cleared of snow and ice in a timely manner. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help you this winter.

Sauers utilizes the latest in effective and accurate snow removal technology during snow events. It helps ensure that everyone working is providing service up to our standards, up to ASCA standards, and up to ISO SN9001 requirements.

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