Keep Your Industrial Property Safe with A Commercial Snow Removal Company

industrial property - commercial snow removal SauersIf you own an industrial property, you already know there are plenty of risks that your staff and visitors face on an everyday basis. With heavy machinery and large equipment, anything can go wrong at any given time. But that’s why you implement proper training programs, strive to maintain a safe work environment for your employees, and contract with a commercial snow removal company to keep your industrial property safe. This proactive approach is even more important during the winter season when snowfall increases the risk of injury.

Here are a few ways a commercial snow removal company can help keep everything running smoothly at your industrial property:


Anti-icing is a process that involves applying a liquid brine directly to the asphalt long before the first snowflake even touches the ground. Used by commercial snow removal companies and municipalities to prevent “hard-packed snow,” this product helps to save you money and is better for the environment since less materials are required after a storm has ended.

Snow Plowing

As the snow begins to accumulate, professionals will continuously clear your lot using industrial-grade snow removal equipment, such as skid-steers, backhoe plows, four-wheel drive vehicles and other advanced machinery.

Wherever there may be foot traffic or vehicles, you can expect a professional commercial snow removal company to satisfy your expectations throughout the duration of a storm.

Proper Snow Disposal

Depending on the size of your industrial property, experts can either pile snow in predetermined locations on the property or, if space is limited, use large loaders and dump trucks to haul it away to an offsite location.

No matter what type of challenges you may face regarding the size of your lot, your commercial snow removal company will offer the right disposal solution for your company.

Post-Storm Maintenance

Just like the anti-icing techniques used before and during a storm, professionals will continue to spread a deicing product to prevent slip and fall accidents after it has ended.

This way, the walkways, steps, loading docks and parking lots at your industrial property remain safe despite the freeze-thaw cycle that’s likely to occur. Plus, you won’t have to track us down to make sure the work was performed. You’ll have access to the Sauers Snow Removal Technology and a dedicated account manager to ensure effective communication with you throughout the snow and ice event.

Looking for a reputable commercial snow removal company for your industrial property in the Mid-Atlantic region? Sauers Ice and Snow Management has over 20 years of experience exceeding our clients’ expectations. Contact us today for a FREE property evaluation!

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