Keep Your Medical Facility Open Through the Snow and Ice

healthcare and medical facility snow and iceWhen winter weather strikes, snow and ice can quickly overwhelm a property and bring it to a standstill. Healthcare and Medical facilities can’t shut down just because of a bad snow storm. You need a trusted company to make sure that snow and ice don’t prevent you from staying open, even in the midst of the worst conditions.

At Sauers, you’ll find a fully licensed snow removal company skilled in managing a wide variety of property types, including healthcare and medical facilities from hospitals and rehab centers to specialized treatment centers and nursing homes. Our highly trained and professional staff can keep your facility up and running throughout a winter storm.

We’ll work with you to develop your own individualized snow response plan designed specifically for your facility. We’ll build a plan around the needs and demands that are unique to your property to ensure you have the resources needed for any storm. Our comprehensive plans include pre-event preparation and post-event monitoring as well as unparalleled service throughout the snow and ice event. Sauers also knows that predicting winter weather is never an exact science. Your snow response plan will include contingency plans to cover everything from a few inches to the storm of the century.

Beyond snow and ice removal, Sauers can help your medical facility create a risk management plan to mitigate the cost of snow and ice related accidents. Facilities that remain open all hours may be at particular risk for a slip and fall incident in the midst of a winter storm. Sauers has the resources and knowledge to help you manage your risk.

Sauers can keep your medical facility running through the worst of the ice and snow. Contact us today to schedule a free property evaluation.  

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