The Importance of Anti-Icing Snow Removal

Use Anti-Icing Snow Removal Services for Icy Parking Lots

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One of the most dangerous parts of winter weather is the ice. When temperatures dip below freezing, any areas that are wet will freeze solid, putting people at risk for slips. Slipping is a common danger during the winter months, but you can help to mitigate this risk with a few simple tips. Let’s explore the importance of Anti-Icing Snow Removal for your commercial property.

When done properly, anti-icing liquid could potentially melt the first half inch of snow that falls. In very minor snowfall events, this means there is no cleanup necessary. In larger events, less snow means less chance for it to get packed down into a solid sheet. Anti-icing also helps snow plows gain traction, by creating a less-slippery surface for them to plow.

Apply anti-icing liquid before the snow is expected to fall. Unlike salt and other deicers, it doesn’t get scattered by cars or pedestrians, so it is a more reliable method of ice prevention. In addition, it can be used along with road salt or other deicers to create a great defense against slippery conditions. However, the amount of the application to be used is dependent upon your facility grounds and layout. It’s always a smart idea for a trustworthy professional to do your anti-icing applications.

The technology used to combat winter weather is always changing, so make sure you’re on the cutting edge with your snow and ice management techniques including Anti-Icing Snow Removal.

Sauers is full service snow and ice management company that you can trust to help your business get back on its feet after a winter storm. Minimize your risk for slip and fall accidents in icy conditions, and contact us for more information.

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