Don’t Settle for A “Plow Guy.” Get a Winter Emergency Response Plan for Your Commercial Property

snow and ice management; snow removal; snow plowingAnybody can have a “Plow Guy.” That’s the guy (or gal) who throws a plow on the front of their Super Duty pickup truck and plows residential, commercial, or any sort of property in no particular order with no particular plan or customization. Your commercial property, however, is more demanding than that. You need a winter emergency response plan.

The biggest problems with that sort of service is that it’s unpredictable and not tailored to the special needs of individual properties. The “Plow Guy” could show up early and often or late and not nearly often enough, which could render your commercial property unsafe and even impassable. Also, what if your commercial property has life-saving medical necessities, essential communication services, or some other matter of extreme urgency within its walls? It’s simply not good enough to leave those types of business operations up to chance.

Not only does your commercial property have unique circumstances that a “Plow Guy” can’t always handle, but it could also be your very livelihood at stake. What all this amounts to is the fact that most commercial properties need more than just a “Plow Guy.” They need a winter emergency response plan from a service provider that specializes in commercial properties.

Sauer’s Snow and Ice Management realizes that each commercial property has different needs when it comes to winter storms. That’s why we set all of our clients up with a specialized account manager, who gets to know your business and what you’ll need out of each storm. They’ll have a plan in place to ensure your business suffers minimal to zero downtime and remains as safe as possible throughout the duration of every weather event. Your account manager at Sauer’s will even have contingency plans in place to include backup equipment, extra drivers and machine operators, stockpiled de-icing materials, and on-duty mechanics.

“Plow Guys” are fine to take care of residential driveways and maybe to clean up a few sidewalks, but they can’t manage that level of commitment to your business that a commercial snow and ice management company can.

Sauer’s is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier snow and ice management company, dedicated to servicing all our clients with every attention to detail their property deserves. Please contact us today to schedule a free property evaluation.

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