Deicing Reduces Your Chance of Slips & Falls This Winter

Sauers deicing services help prevent ice covered surfaces

Sauers deicing services help prevent ice covered surfaces

Ice is a serious concern for business owners during the winter months. Icy sidewalks, entrance ways and parking lots are not just dangerous for your customers, they are dangerous for you and your staff, as well. A simple deicing application reduces your chance of slips and falls.


When someone falls on your property, you can be held liable for their injury. Generally, this means you can be held financially responsible for medical bills, lost wages and court costs incurred by the injured party.

Because you are responsible for maintaining your property and the safety of your customers and visitors there are very few protections afforded you under the law regarding ice-related falls. Preventing slips and falls on your property is the best way to stay out of court.


As a full-service snow and ice management company, Sauers deicing services help keep your walkways and parking lots in a safe condition. Deicing can be done on-demand or as part of your regular snow management services. We recommend including it as a consistent part of your winter response treatment plan.

Crews target and break down ice buildup on your property using a brine solution. The brine mixture reduces ice to a slush that can easily be shoveled out of low-lying areas in your parking lot and around your building.

Snow Removal

Keeping snow from building up in your parking lots and around your building helps reduce the amount of ice on your property. Short periods of warmth lead to melt, which hangs out above ground during the winter until it is frozen again and becomes ice. This cycle is dangerous as the dips in weather are unpredictable in our region.

Until the ground has thawed sufficiently to drain away excess water you will need to have a plan in place to reduce ice on your property.

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