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If you haven’t started planning snow removal services for the upcoming season, NOW IS THE TIME! Call Sauers at 215-398-7811 today.

Sauers dedicated snow removal team offers:

  • Customized Snow Response Plan
  • Snow Plowing & Relocation
  • Ice Control – Liquid & Granular
  • Sidewalk Clearing
  • Dedicated Crews & Equipment 24/7
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Snow Hauling, Melting and Stacking
  • Site Monitoring
  • …and much more!

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CASE STUDY: Class A Corporate Office Building

  • Acres:  5.67
  • Trigger:  0.10″ with 24/7 snow event service
  • Specs: Plow, Shovel, Anti-icing Application, and Deice Lots and Walkways
  • Property Concerns: The client was concerned about slip and falls, needed a high-level of service and was concerned about deicer tracking into their building.
  • Sauers’ Solution: The Sauers Team dedicated 6 machines to the site and stored enough deicer on site for multiple storms. Sauers also treated the lots and walks before snow events with liquid salt brine, which will not track into the client’s facility.
  • Length of Client Care: 10 years

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Don’t Delay…Call Sauers at 215-398-7811 today!

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Sauers is the Greater Philadelphia/ Tri-State region’s premier snow removal company. Corporate Offices Choose Sauers Snow Removal Services every winter.

Sauers is a proud member of the industry’s biggest and best associations.

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Why Choose Sauers?

Snow (Response) Plan

Every Sauers client is provided with a custom Snow Response Plan, tailored to your specific site. The first step of working together is identifying your needs and developing a response plan that provides the results you expect.


Our team utilizes the latest software to electronically document all performed services, using a mobile app. This documentation is used to create accurate invoices in a timely manner and protect you from liability.


Every property type may have different needs and expectations when it comes to budgeting snow removal costs. We can offer a Seasonal Fixed Rate, Per Inch, or a Hybrid Plan that works with your budget. Talk to us about your snow removal needs.

Dedicated Support

Sauers is committed to round-the-clock support for you and your business. We’ll provide you with a trained Sauers Account Manager to assist you before, during and after every snow event. We’re there for you!

Experienced Staff

Sauers staff is made up of ASCA Certified Snow Professionals; we’re one of only 25 companies in North America with ISO certification; and we’re consistently ranked in the Top 100 Snow Companies in USA.

On-Going Training

Our team participates in extensive year-round training to ensure we have the latest industry knowledge to care for your sites. Sauers, Inc. is always thinking snow with internal training to industry conferences.