Snow Bank Removal for Commercial Lots

During the winter, banked snow can become a big issue in commercial parking lots. In an economy where every dollar counts, you don’t want to miss out on customers because snow is taking up vital parking space. If you are doing your own plowing, or if your existing contractor does not offer snow removal services, you will need to make arrangements to have your snow banks removed periodically over the winter.

Here are three reasons you need to consider snow bank removal for commercial lots during the winter season.

snow removal commercial lotsLot Shrinkage

It does not take a lot of snow for a bank to begin taking over your parking lot. Parking space can quickly become a precious commodity during periods of heavy snow. If you do not have enough room available for your customers to park their vehicles, they are likely to go elsewhere to avoid walking.

Visibility and Safety

Tall snow banks can block drivers’ ability to see around corners and maneuver around your lot. Unkempt banks can pose a financial liability for your business if they are the cause of an accident.

Melt Water

Come spring your snow bank can become a danger to your foundations and overwhelming for your landscaping. A full thaw happens over time, and pooled water that is allowed to re-freeze can damage foundations, concrete and landscaping in the surrounding area.

Snow Disposal

There are three main components of snow disposal:

  • Snow Relocation
  • Snow Hauling
  • Snow Melting

Since 1999, Sauers provides efficient and experienced snow plowing and disposal services. Finding a place to dispose of collected snow may pose a challenge, but Sauers operations team work tirelessly year round to ensure all measures are in place to properly service your needs and protect the local environment.

In the event of a large-scale severe weather event, Sauers relationship with municipalities allows us greater flexibility in snow disposal practices.

Sauers can help you keep your business accessible and safe during the winter months. Contact us or call 215-659-1613 for more information on plowing and snow removal and disposal services in your area.

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