What Areas of Your Commercial Property Should You Be Deicing?

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When it comes to a large commercial property, it can be tough figuring out exactly what areas you should be deicing after a storm. Because unlike homeowners, you must consider all the areas where employees and customers could potentially walk or drive.

After all, if an accident were to take place on your property, the liability would fall on you. That said, it’s best to leave the burden of deicing to professionals who can thoroughly assess your location and determine the best course of action.

When you partner with a professional snow removal company, you can depend on their staff for deicing of the following areas of your commercial property:

Sidewalks & Pathways

Wherever there may be foot traffic, snow removal professionals will deice these areas to reduce the risk of injury. Regardless of whether there’s a risk of icy conditions before, during or after work hours, you can expect any sidewalks or pathways to be safe enough for people to walk on. This way, you’ll sleep well at night knowing visitors of your location will stay out of harm’s way.

Handicap Ramps

To prevent handicap individuals from getting injured or having difficulty entering your facility, professionals will apply deicing products to all designated ramps. By doing so, those who may already have issues with mobility will not be forced to endure additional challenges.

Parking Lot

Although this one should be a given, it doesn’t hurt to remind you how important it is to keep your parking lot ice-free. No matter if you own an office campus, medical facility, industrial property, retail shopping center or apartment complex, the last thing you want to happen is a slip and fall accident.

Although business owners normally look for ways to cut costs, trying to do so at the expense of the safety of employees or customers would be a very unwise thing to do. Instead, make a smart investment in the future and reputation of your company by hiring a professional company to spread a highly effective liquid salt brine on the pavement.

Loading Docks

Since loading dock driveways are often built on slopes, even the smallest bit of ice can quickly lead to a serious slip and fall accident. Considering this, a snow removal company will deice the entire structure to ensure safe conditions for both truck drivers and dock workers. This will give you confidence knowing the possibility of an accident while shipping or receiving is significantly lower.

Keep your commercial location safe during freeze-thaw cycles this winter!

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