Certifications & Associations

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Certifications & Associations 

Snow and Ice Removal Certifications

  • Sauers’ staff holds credentials such as Certified Snow Professional, Advanced Snow Manager, and ASCA Certified.
  • We’re 1 of 25 snow and ice management companies in the USA to be ISO SN 9001 Certified
  • Sauers has consistently ranked in the Top 100 Snow Companies of USA, year after year.

Snow and Ice Removal Associations

  • Snow and Ice Management Association – The Snow & Ice Management Association is a North American trade association for snow & ice industry professionals. SIMA provides resources, leadership and support for snow removal and management professionals across North America. It is a non-profit trade association with a focus on training related to snow plowing, ice management, and business management.
  • Accredited Snow Contractors Association – The Accredited Snow Contractors Association is a trade association with the purpose of advancing the professional snow and ice management industry and to promote its role in performing high-risk services to society.

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