8 Reasons Why Contractors Should Partner with a Reputable Snow Removal Company

Wondering if it’s time to finally partner with a snow removal company like Sauers?

Here are eight reasons why you should partner with a reputable snow removal company:

  1. Mutual passion for snow removal. Not everybody sees the potential in snow removal. Rather, most people see snow in the forecast as more of an inconvenience than anything else. But not us; we see opportunity and feel the excitement—just like you. And that’s what makes a relationship with Sauers so great.
  2. Easy adjustment to the learning curve. Often, we’ll give you the option to service the same sites as the previous year. This way, you can get the experience you need under your belt and then eventually increase the quantity of sites or move up to larger sites that may be more lucrative.
  3. Detailed scope of work. A professional snow removal company like Sauers will provide you with a thorough explanation of a client’s snow response plan. This means you won’t ever be left out to dry due to ambiguous expectations.
  4. Prompt payment. We believe in rewarding our independent service providers’ hard work with payments shortly after a snow event has ended. Our staff understands that winter is usually considered the off-season for most contractors, which is why we provide payments as quickly as possible. With Sauers, there’s no hassle and no headaches.
  5. Effective communication. When you work with Sauers, you’ll have a dedicated account manager assigned to the properties you’ll service and you’ll receive alerts before an event via our snow removal technology app. This way, you don’t have to deal with scattered text messages, email threads or phone calls. Instead, you’ll have everything you need to know right there at your fingertips.
  6. Available support. Despite the emphasis we place on training and preparation, we understand things can still go wrong out in the field during a storm. That’s why you’ll be backed by our experienced personnel, who will be available to assist you should you face any unforeseen challenges. We expect the unexpected.
  7. Ongoing training. As a leader in the snow removal industry, we provide extensive year-round training to our partnered contractors. This includes a snow operations safety review in a mandatory preseason snow meeting, as well as an equipment and job-site review and training before the snow season begins. Because at Sauers, snow and ice safety is a top priority.
  8. Opportunity for a partnership based on history. If you believe you have what it takes to partner with a professional snow removal company, Sauers will be more than happy to consider your qualifications. From your history, references and the status of previous jobs to an in-person meeting and the approval of current customers, our evaluation process is where years of hard work are likely to finally pay off.

But most of all, we believe that together, we are all a part of the Sauers team. We think snow year round and get excited with the very first flakes of the season.

Do you share the same excitement and think you’d be a good fit for a snow removal company like Sauers?  Contact us to partner with our team of professional contractors!      

Companies or individual owners of a truck or fleet of trucks with snow removal capabilities as well as companies or owners of skidsteers, loaders, dump trucks, backhoes, pusher boxes, and salting equipment are welcome to learn more about Sauers. Contact us to learn how working with Sauers may make sense for you.


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