5 Reasons Lehigh Valley Businesses Opt for Commercial Snow Removal

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Businesses opt for Lehigh Valley commercial snow removal services because they know it’s a must. It eliminates stress, saves you headaches, prevents injuries and, of course, keeps your bottom line healthy. Why? Because snow removal experts work long hours and invest in quality equipment and staff to ensure there are safe areas to park and walk during and after a snow or ice event.

Below are five reasons why businesses in the Lehigh Valley choose to avoid risk by partnering with a commercial snow removal provider:

  1. A comprehensive snow removal plan. By requesting a commercial property evaluation for snow removal, you can discuss your concerns with an experienced snow contractor. This person will identify areas of your property where commercial snow removal is necessary and take the time to learn more about your business. This way, they can create a plan tailored specifically to your property. After all, no two commercial properties are the same.
  2. Return to work quickly. Snow removal providers in the Lehigh Valley strive to clear their customer’s lots as efficiently as possible. By doing so, businesses can get back up and running shortly after severe storms pass through the region. Plus, if a company runs 24/7 and needs their property clear at all times, Sauers can do that too.
  3. Snow removal technology app. From timely and efficient billings to detailed checklists and official sign-offs, this app streamlines communication between customers and providers. This is just one of the ways the snow removal industry is redefining itself. When you partner with a company likes Sauers, all your information is always just a click away—making the snow removal process simpler than ever.
  4. Prevent slip and fall injuries. Never take this possibility lightly. When you consider the risks involved, partnering with a snow and ice management company is worth the investment. All it takes is one injury due to a property owner’s negligence to remove snow and ice, and salt the premises. When businesses partner with a commercial snow removal provider in Lehigh Valley, however, they sleep easy at night knowing the possibility they’ll face legal issues is significantly reduced.
  5. Adherence to code. Whether you’re concerned about sidewalks, steps, handicap ramps, loading docks or fire exits, your team of commercial snow removal experts will ensure your property is safe and up to code—even after a heavy blanket of snow covers the Lehigh Valley. This means everybody can enter and exit lessening the risk for incident or injury. Leave the task of securing your property before, during and after a snowstorm to those who know best.

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