3 Ways to Help Your Elderly Parents – Snow Removal Tips from Sauers

Elderly Shoveling - Sauers Snow Removal

An elderly woman shoveling snow. Snow Removal Tips from Sauers

Helping your elderly parents get ready for the winter is an important part of making sure that they are going to have a comfortable and safe winter experience. While you may already have spent some time getting the inside of their home properly insulated, you may not have considered the snow removal improvements that you can make to the outside of their home as well.

The following snow removal tips can help get their home ready for winter and reduce the chance for potential accidents that could occur.

Ensure That the Steps Are De-Iced

One of the most common spots that a slip and fall can occur outside is the steps. While this may be relatively fine for you, a fall on the steps can be extremely dangerous for someone that is elderly or may have some health concerns, such as a weak knee or recent surgery. Luckily, you can get the steps de-iced by preventing ice from forming and causing a potential fall.

Make Sure Support is Added for Steps

Along with deicing the steps, you’ll need to make sure that there is proper support in the form of railings. Having railings added to the sides of the steps and making sure that they’re secure can ensure that your parents have something firm to grab onto without a chance of slipping. Ensure that they wear gloves so they can properly hold on to the railings and encourage them to take their time. It’s worth an extra few minutes of patience rather than dealing with the consequences of a fall.

Get the Driveway Ready for Snow

Even if your parents park in the garage, you need to make sure that the driveway won’t be a hazard for them when returning home or leaving since the car will need to drive on the driveway to get anywhere. Anti-icing can be done for the driveway as well to prevent a potential slip where their car cannot get proper traction.

Know Their Limits

What was once a common task in the winter, often we find the elderly shouldn’t continue to shovel snow due to potential risks to their health. If they are not used to physical exertion, shoveling could be a boost to their physical activity and lead to other issues such as muscle pain, injury, or even be linked to a heart attack. Coordinate with family members to determine who will check in on your family, who’ll be responsible for shoveling, deicing, and ensuring they are taken care of when the winter weather poses a risk.

Encourage them to… Sit back with a cup of hot tea and enjoy the winter wonderland!

While Sauers is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier commercial snow removal company, these residential tips are great to share with your family and friends.  If your family member is living in an assisted living facility, and you’re concerned about the status of the property, contact us.  We would be happy to connect with the facility manager and provide a free inspection and estimate to assist with their snow removal needs.

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