2018 Winter Weather Prediction for the Mid-Atlantic Region

2018 winter weather predictionResidents of the Mid-Atlantic region may want to pull out snow shovels and stock up on rock salt now. Businesses on the other hand, may need to be sure they have their commercial snow removal contracts in place according to the 2018 Winter Weather Prediction for the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Our Meteorologists and according to Accuweather, the 2017-2018 winter will bring a hefty dose of snow and ice to the Mid-Atlantic states. Coastal areas around the I-95 corridor will see close to average amounts of snowfall, but those areas farther inland could see substantial accumulation beyond a normal year.

Just a bit farther north, New York City and Boston are expected to receive up to six inches of snow above their average winter precipitation amounts. A slight change in the forecast could bring some of that extra snow into the Mid-Atlantic region.

Meteorologists expect a weak La Niña weather pattern to influence winter weather this year. A La Niña pattern occurs when the waters of the Pacific Ocean grow cooler than normal (the opposite of an El Niño pattern, which features higher than normal temperatures in the Pacific).

2018 winter weather predictionSeasonal Cycles

While seasonal cycles tend to weaken during an El Niño, a La Niña pattern exaggerates the seasonal cycles, meaning colder winters in parts of the northern United States, particularly late in the season. La Niña patterns also tend to bring more moisture across the northern half of the U.S., producing greater amounts of winter precipitation.

Experts predict only a mild cooling of the Pacific this year, so temperatures aren’t expected to drop much below average in the Mid-Atlantic. However, most forecasters are still predicting enough extra moisture in the air for parts of the region to see above average snow and ice.

In all likelihood, the 2017-2018 winter season is likely to be colder and wetter than the previous winters. Since Mother Nature can be unpredictable, we recommend planning ahead.

At Sauers, we can help you prepare for the 2018 Winter Weather Prediction with our comprehensive snow response plans and risk management services.

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Photo source: NOAA

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